ARC Review: No One Leaves the Castle

📣Thank you to @netgalley and Harper Collins for this e-ARC.  
🙋‍♀️This review is my own thoughts and opinions.

This was a great whodunnit for middle grade! I stayed up very late reading into the night due to what a page turner this was! There were many twists and turns that were unexpected surprises that made me wanting more! 

Right from the beginning I fell in love with our two main characters, the Lilac, the 14 year old bounty hunter, and Netta, her bard.  This mystery is full of humor that made me laugh out loud.    

“”Why am I involved with criminals and bounty hunters? I’m a butler! I just want to make things sparkle.” ”Same!” Dulcinetta said.”

The author, @Christopher Healy had such a way with his writing that I felt that I was in the castle with our gang of characters.  The character development was so well done that I felt I knew them all personally and was guessing right up until the end who was going to be the guilty party!! 

This is a must read for middle grade!

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