Animal Inquiry-Week Three

We are continuing with our animal inquiry unit with the end goal of making their own habitat with a choice of animal. This is a session program that will continue for four more weeks after this program. We are continuing with students learning about animals and different habitats so that way they have a clear understanding of different animals and different habitats so that they can pick their animal/habitat for the final project.

This lesson we focused on ‘I See a Kookaburra’. We began the program with snack and I played a Brain Pop Jr. video all on Rainforest Habitats where I told the students that they need to share a fact or animal that they learned from the video.

After the video and snack the students all sat on the storytime rug and we added animals to our habitat animal chart and any facts that they learned went onto our other chart of ‘What I have learned about habitats’.

I then read out loud the story, ‘I See a Kookaburra’ by: Steve Jenkins. This is a fabulous book and I recommend it so much! I had the students come up one at a time and point at some of the animals that are hiding within the pictures. Then we would move to the next page to see the full pictures and names of these animals. This took some extra time but it was well worth it to take this time to go through the story slowly because it helped the students to learn more about each individual animal that was hiding in the pictures.

Once we finished students went back to the learning tables where there are worksheets, ‘My Happy Habitat’, pencils, and markers set out. These are awesome worksheets that I found here:, and put my own instructions with it. Students instructions were: Pick an animal from, ‘I See a Kookaburra’. Draw a picture of it and write a fact about it down below. Students were to pick an animal, draw it, and write a fact about it. Coloring it in with markers was left till the very end just in case we didn’t have enough time.

The reward for good behavior was to play a ‘Gonoodle’ at the end which we earned today!! We had a great time and below are some of the fun examples that the kids made on the ‘My Happy Habitat’.

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