Animal Inquiry-Week Two

I took a lot from a lesson from Picture Perfect STEM Lessons, K-2nd put out by the NSTA for this set of lessons.  I will cite it on the bottom.  This is a must buy for you! It has amazing lessons and resources in it that you can use line by line or take it and make it your own like I am 🙂

We began our time together by watching a brain pop video from last week that we didn’t get to finish on Ocean Habitats during snack.  This helps to focus the students and keeps the volume to a minimum.  We had an in depth conversation on what good behavior looks like in a library program, and said with good behavior we can do two gonoodle activities afterwards 🙂

For week two our focus was on I Wanna Iguana by: Karen Kaufman Orloff.  This is a very cute book that goes perfectly with Animal Inquiry going into the pet side of things.  book1.jpg

Before we read this book I asked some questions:

1.) What is an iguana?

2.) Would you want an iguana as a pet?

3.) What do you think iguanas need to live?

4.) Does this book like like fiction or non-fiction? Why?

5.) Who’s the author / illustrator?

Then we read the book out loud and during the read we talked about how the book is made up of letters and how you can tell by the writing who is who that is writing without even looking at the names.  Then after the read we discussed these questions:

1.) How did Alex persuade his mother to get an iguana?

2.) Do you know anyone that has an iguana?

3.) How do you take care of an iguana?

4.) What do iguanas need to live?

5.) Where do iguanas come from?

Next after this lively discussion, because we had a few students that have iguanas, we went to that is an awesome website for students to learn more about animals.  We searched iguana and watched a few videos that went in depth about iguanas in their natural habitat.  I liked these videos because they didn’t have descriptive words it was just filming of iguanas where they lived.

We went back to our posters, that I discuss in my last post, and added more to them based on what we learned during this visit! Then because the students had good behavior we did two gonoodles 🙂

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