Full STEAM Ahead: Little Bits 2nd-4th Graders Week ‘Four’

Due to a snow day we were unable to fully execute our five week session! I had planned for the students to use the fourth and fifth week to create their own project using Little Bits from all they had learned from the checklists that they accomplished.  We will have to save that for another time because more time is needed than just a one hour meeting to create their own project! Here is what we did instead during out week four that was technically week five.

Project Discovery


Students will use the Student STEAM Kits from Little Bits and the Little Bits App to discover projects others have made and try to create them together with their partner.  The Little Bits app you are able to manipulate to be able to check off what kits you have so that it only shows you certain projects.  Students will have the hour to play around the app and build something using the Little Bits and App instructions with their partner.


What is Needed?

-Little Bits, Student STEAM Kits

-Little Bits App that can be used on iOS and Android


How did it go?

This went really well! The students were enamored by the app and that motivated them again to work with the Little Bits.  They were disappointed that they didn’t get to make their own project using Little Bits but were excited about the future possibility of doing so.


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