Full STEAM Ahead-Little Bits: 2nd-4th Grade Weeks One-Three

For this session program Little Bits was the focus and I had five weeks of activities planned but it depended on how much the students got through that helped me decide when to go forward.  Here are the details for the first – third weeks.

Discovery and Play


Students will have the chance to discover, play, and inquire with all of the Little Bits.  Using the Little Bits cards students will learn what each piece does and then make projects with them later on.  They will use my checklist to keep track of what they have accomplished.

Little Bits Cards came with the kits that I had purchased a while back but you can download the cards as well from their website.

What is needed?

*Little Bits Checklist (Made by me in Canva)

*Little Bits Note Sheet (Made by me in Canva)

Little Bits Project Check List

*Little Bits Cards

*Little Bits

Here is another great resource to give you project ideas: Click Here!

How did it go?

We have eleven children grades 2-4th that are participating in this event.  Discuss more to them about how to be careful with the Little Bits.  Keep encouraging them to use themselves and their partners to ask questions.  Perseverance is something that I pushed during this program because a lot of them are quick to give up if they don’t know how something works right away.


This checklist took a lot longer than expected but I was happy that they were taking their time and learning how to use each one of the Little Bits.  We ended up doing this checklist for three weeks all at an hour a week.  We were going to make our own projects for the next two weeks but we had a snow day that made it so we only had the fifth week instead of both.  Stay tuned to see what we did for this week next!

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