Full STEAM Ahead-Lego STEAM for K-1st Graders: 1st week

Legos are an amazing toy that can bring so much more than play to your library or school programs.  I have planned out five weeks of programs for grades k-1st through our Full STEAM Ahead Enrichment program here at our library.  Every week is a different activity and the session ends at 5 weeks.  Due to days off, snow days, and all other holidays that affects how many times we get to meet.  This group met for four weeks instead of five.  The program is run and planned by me but I have a helper that helps me set up and walk the kids from the school over to the library.


Here’s what we did for the first week of our Lego STEAM program 🙂

Description: Students will learn about famous landmarks and then we will build their own landmarks using legos.  Students will be partnered in pairs with one K and one 1st.  Students will use cards to build their own lego masterpieces.  Show on map where each landmark is.  Discuss what a landmark is to the students.



Taking a photo that is 2D and make it into a 3D model (in future).

Learning what the word landmark means.

What is needed:


-Famous Landmark Cards purchased from TPT here

How did it go?

Some of the partnerships had difficulty working together and twelve is a very high number in our sized room for this age and energy level.  We did get through it successfully.  Photos were taken of each masterpiece.  Next time I think individual work is best with only sharing of lego pieces going on and not project sharing.

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