Makerspaces are Key

I think that Makerspaces can mean a vast amount of different things but I think that Makerspaces are a key to introduce students to new technology that they wouldn’t normally get to play with in a classroom or at home. At our library we strive to provide new emerging technologies that help a range of ages. Our newest one that I LOVE is Osmo , that I have blogged about in the past, but I am now seeing the real results that it has on the right age groups. I am working with Pre-K-1st graders as they learn with Osmo. They are really getting the hang of it and learning key points to help them with coding in the future. For the Pre-K and Kindergarteners they are using Coding with Awbie and for my first graders they are using Coding Jam. They are going to be able to show how much of an expert they are during our open house in December. It took a few times for them to be comfortable with it but now they are professionals 🙂 I think that Makerspaces can be whatever you make them but I think it is so important to have things that students can be hands on with no matter if it is new technology, crafts, or something else. Giving them the time to be creative in their own way where they can fail and/or succeed and be in a safe environment while they explore is the real key.

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