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I think that all libraries in our world are changing, and changing for the better. One of the libraries in our industry that has changed the most over time is school libraries. At one point we felt like they were getting thrown off the map but now they are more important than ever. Reading an article, “Climbing to Excellence” for my IST 611 class, has opened my eyes to the amazing journey that school libraries have been on. School libraries aren’t just places of learning for the students they are places of learning for the librarians, teachers, and even parents, “the word “commons” could reflect a shift from a top-down organizational structure to the at networked world where the clients, both teachers and students, consider themselves to be in command of knowledge building” (Loertscher, D, n.d).

Technology is helping education to change by the second. There is so much more that students can get out of their education now due to technology and it can even turn their education into something that they are more excited about. Making up a word that encompasses all of the learning going on is where Learning Commons came from because the learning isn’t just happening in the psychical space of the library or even in the physical space of the school. Learning commons means that students can have their iPad or device anywhere and still be learning with each other “As our world continues to spin out new ways of working, playing, and learning together, one thing we can count on is the learning commons” (Loertscher, D, n.d).

When school librarians were in jeopardy of getting their school libraries taken away it was because there was a lot of change in the air and people weren’t sure that libraries would be needed. Especially now students are in virtual worlds within their devices and feel that they can connect with anyone at anytime but do they know their neighbors, “From their perspective, everything worth knowing, doing, or consuming is at their fingertips—and we expect to appeal to this crowd with a traditional library” (Loertscher, D, n.d.)? By changing up what the school library offers we can still appeal and help students succeed in many ways.

The best thing that we can do as school and public librarians is not be afraid of change, instead embrace change and be excited about the new technology and new ideas that are floating into our lives. Be active on social media to find out the next best things and be involved in our own learning commons!

Loertscher, D., & Koechlin, C. (n.d.). Climbing to Excellence . Retrieved September 29, 2017, from http://www.ala.org/aasl/sites/ala.org.aasl/files/content/aaslpubsandjournals/knowledgequest/docs/KQ_MarApr14_ClimbingtoExcellence.pdf

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  1. Yes!! A lot of times teachers are afraid of change. They have been doing something that has worked for years, so why change. But, the world our kids live and learn in is changing, so we have to. I find that being in the library gives you a platform for change. I take the risks and try stuff with kids. They tell their teacher about it. Their teacher comes to me and says things like “What was that video reflection you did with my class? Was it hard? Can you show me?” Or I go to them and make a connection between a particular resource and their content. And then I offer text to support. That is how we stay valuable and relevant in a school.

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