Osmo for iPhone, YAY!

Today Osmo released that they are about to release Osmo base for iPhone! HECK YES! This makes it so much more accessible to many because so many people and kids have iPhones and if not the library staff does sometimes too!

Just overall iPads sometimes are too expensive for a library to add to their collection or to purchase 10 iPads. I think this makes Osmo much more accessible for some public libraries to consider adding Osmo to their collection or their makerspace. How cool would it be to make a check out kit that has Osmo in it??! I’m adding this to the list of my to-do thoughts 🙂 Check this out, it is super exciting ! Also Osmo is still releasing some more exciting news, about one every week! So you should definitely get on their mailing list. Want to join it? Click here. Also if you pre-order this amazing iPhone base you get 10% off on up to 3 Osmo games. It will be easy for you to pick 3 games! I promise 🙂

Check out their video on it here:

IPhone Base Video

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