Summer Storytime- Jobs in our Community

Today was an awesome storytime together! We focused on jobs in our community and had lots of fun reading, singing, and doing fun activities together! Here is what the plan was for the morning together:

1.) Hello Song with Instruments and Scarves

2.) Book One: Whose Hands Are These?

3.) Flannel-Little Fox, Little Fox

4.) Song-Community Worker 

5.) Book Two with Flannel: Hardworking Puppies

6.) Book Three with Flannel: Kitten Red, Yellow, Blue

7.) Song with Flannel:What is my Job?

 8.) Book Four: Firefighters!

9.) Song-Construction Worker

10.) Book: Hi, Pizza Man!

11.) Book and Flannel: LMNO Peas

12.) Song-The People in our Town

13.) Book: Trashy Town

14.) Goodbye song with instruments and scarves





I changed up a normal flannel from Little Cat, Little Cat to Little Fox, Little Fox.  I saw this


flannel on a few different blogs and made it my own by using images from and added Little Fox instead of Little Cat.  The kids took turns guessing where Miss Madelyn hid and others kids who hid Little Fox.  We would say, ‘Little Fox, Little Fox, are you under the Construction Hat?’








Community Worker Song to the Tune of The Farmer in the Dell

The Firemen are brave x2

Heigh ho what do you know, 

The Firemen are brave!

Other Verses: 

Barbers cut our hair

Doctors keep us well

Dentists check our teeth

Bakers bake our bread

Policemen stop traffic









Here is where you can get this awesome printable for this flannel :


IMG_3220Song with Flannel: 

What is my job? x2

Can you guess? x2


Who Am I? x2

Different Verses:

I help people get well

I deliver letters

I put out fires

I keep your pets well

I help you fix things

I keep you safe





Song with Maracas

Construction Worker 

IMG_3225This is the way we pound our nails, pound our nails, pound our nails.  

This is the way we pound our nails, all day long!

Other verses:

Saw the wood

Stack the Bricks

Paint the Walls

Turn the Screws

Stir the Paint





Book and Flannel


The People in Our Town to the tune of Wheels on the Bus

The people in our town work different jobs, different jobs, different jobs.  The people in our town work different jobs, because that’s what makes a community.

Other Verses:

Librarian says read a book

Firefighter says stop drop and roll

Mailman brings the mail

Doctor makes you well

Dentist says open up





Next week is all about Mo Willems 🙂

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