Teen Murder Mystery Night





The teens were tasked with figuring out literary clues to get to the real clues of who dun it! I used a kit from Janet Dickey, called ‘The Cracks in the Wall’.  These kits are awesome because they put the whole mystery together for you.

Here is where you would purchase: http://www.janetdickey.com/teen-kits.php

This particular kit came with 15 clues that are for 3 different rooms, and it explains all of that within the kit.  I had 3 different sections in the library set up with these clues but I added an extra layer to it.

I made up clues that the teens had to figure out in order to find the real clues.  The three sections were the teen section, the DVD section, and non-fiction.  They got a packet of 15 clues that were literary clues to guide them towards certain books and materials that had the murder clues within.  This is what the literary clues were…see if you can figure them out 🙂


I had a suspect wall so that the kids could visualize all of the suspects 🙂


The  kids had a ball! Each team got 5 minutes in each section, twice.  The team that picked the murderer and got the motive the most correct won Barnes and Noble Gift Cards 🙂 Here are some fun pictures from the event.


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