Getting Creative with PlayOsmo


It is super easy to make the Osmo programs personalized to what you want them to be.  I wanted to add a literacy component to Minecraft and have been trying to brainstorm what the best way would be to do that.  Then Play Osmo came into my life and BAM….bringing literacy to Minecraft programming is a cinch now!


Osmo has a great program called Words that you can create your own albums online that all of your students can access.  So I went to work and created a Minecraft edition of Osmo Words.  It was really easy to find images I wanted and I could make up the words I wanted the students to be able to spell.



It is easy to make an account on PlayOsmo and then you can go to work on making word albums that go with whatever lesson or program you want it to work with.  There is a whole community that makes these kinds of lessons that you can easily download onto your devices for your students if you don’t want to create the lessons yourself.

Here are some live screen shots of what my Minecraft words look like 🙂 Can you guess what these words are??


Want to check out the whole album? Here is the public link. Minecraft Words on Osmo

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