A Study in Charlotte

We are having Brittany Cavallaro Skype in with us this upcoming Monday for her A Study in Charlotte book and I was so excited for this one because I am a big Sherlock fan 🙂


Love Sherlock and need more? This book is the perfect addition to the Sherlock lover’s collection! Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson are at the same boarding school, not by accident, and someone is after them by trying to pin them as murderers! Watson’s father has put Jamie in the same boarding school as Homes with dreams that the two of them will kindle friendship, Holmes and Watson together again generations down the line. Charlotte’s character is very similar to the Sherlock that we all know and love from the Doyle stories and from the BBC show. She is very intuitive, independent, and did I mention independent?? After a student is killed in cold blood Holmes and Watson are needed to break the case of who dun it so that they aren’t pegged as the guilty ones! Things start to get crazy at their boarding school but Watson and Holmes are on the case. A rocky start to their friendship develops over time when they are thought of as murderers and needing to fight to defend their names. This story brings in ties to the past stories of the real Sherlock Holmes and has so much action you can’t wait to keep turning the pages to figure out the real killer.

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  1. Charlene

    Loved the book! Can’t wait to meet the author on Monday:) This is a fabulous book club where we get to meet the authors of our books on Skype every month. The authors have all been so generous with their time, so appreciative that we have read their books and want to talk with them, and so humble about their accomplishments as writers. We gain so much by getting to talk with them after reading their books. They tell us EVERYTHING! 🙂

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