Meet the Author-Skype Book Club with included updated list!

I posted awhile back about my adult book club changing from an original book club to a Meet the Author book club where an author skypes in every month! I have had a lot of growth in the book club since changing it from 'Forever Young', a book club for adults who love YA fiction, to 'Meet the Author. This is still a book club that reads YA fiction, mostly, but by changing just the name it has enticed more adults because now they don't think it is for younger children.

Many believe that author visits have to be paid for but I have never paid a penny for any of my author visits!! I have reached out to a lot of authors who have either not responded to me or told me that there would be a fee, but 95% of them always respond to me and will give me their services for free!

The way that my group works is that we meet for one hour every single month, spend half an hour discussing the book as a group and then the last half an hour we have the author skype in. The list of authors that have worked with me so far FOR FREE are at the bottom of this post šŸ™‚

An idea to find further authors for yourself is by going into and looking for debut authors who have just published their first book or authors who have recently released a book. Usually these authors are anxious to get the word out about their book so they'd love to do a skype session. These authors also are always excited to speak to an adult group who read YA as well to get different feedback then they usually do.

Here's the list of the authors I have worked with:
1.) Mike Mullin
2.) Ryan Graudin
3.) Todd Strasser
4.) Jim Hines
5.) Siobhan Vivian
6.) Andrea Cremer
7.) Julie Berry
8.) Katherine Arden
9.) Deanna Rayburn
10.) Tara Altebrando
11.) Mindy McGinnis
12.) Deborah Heiligman
13.) Brendan Reichs
14.) Melissa Keil
15.) Jennifer Donnelly
16.) Jenni Walsh
17.) Kathy MacMillian
18.) Brittany Cavallaro
19.) Kate Elliot
20.) Steve Sheinkin
21.) Kelley Armstrong
22.) Zoraida Cordova

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