Summer Storytime: Stop and Go-All Things Transportation

Today was another great Summer Storytime with the theme of Stop and Go: All Things Transportation! It was a blast! Here is what the plan was for the morning together:

1.) Hello Song with Instruments and Scarves

2.) Book One: That’s How

3.) Song with Instruments: Hurry, Hurry, Drive the Firetruck

4.) Book Two: Toad on the Road

5.) Book and Number Flannel: Night Light

6.) Song and Flannel: 5 Dinosaurs Driving in Cars

7.) Book Three: We All Go Traveling

8.) Book and Flannel: Old MacDonald’s Things That Go

9.) Book, Song, and Flannel: Seals on the Bus

10.) Song with Instruments: Drive, Drive, Drive Your Car

11.) Book: Down by the Station

12.) Goodbye Song with Instruments and Scarves

13.) Activity: Make a Train



Book1A book with very few words but the kids get a kick out of all the animals in it that make the different vehicles move.  This was more of an identification book for me than a storybook.









The kids absolutely LOVED this song 🙂 We used bells to do the ding, ding, ding, part !





This was a great book for the kids to help me with counting.

book7.jpgThis book goes up to 10, so I had a flannel with every number that as it got brought up in the story we would put it on the board.  This is a great guessing book as well due to every other page being blacked out except for the lights of the vehicle on the next page.






5 Dinosaurs

This is one of my favorite songs that I learned during one of my first storytimes.  Here is the link for the song lyrics and also a mp3 edition of the song:

.  I made up a flannel to go along with this song :IMG_2955.JPG




This was a great memory book for the group because every page it goes back through all the sounds and vehicles on prior pages.









This was a very fun book that I made a flannel to go with.  Most of the vehicles I got from a PDF that was shared to me from another blog.  Here is the link to the PDF: .

The rest of the images I found on Clker.



This was a super easy book to make into a flannel by finding clip art images and the kids sang along with me throughout the book 🙂


Song with Instruments: Drive, Drive, Drive the Car

Drive, Drive, Drive, the car all around the town.  Merrily x4.  Up the hills and down.

Turn, turn, turn, the key. Make the engine roar, VROOM! Merrily x4.  Let’s go to the store!

Press,press, press, the pedal. Give the engine gas.  Merrily x4.  Now we’re going fast.

Turn, Turn, turn, the wheel.  That is how we steer.  Merrily x4. Make a turn right here.




Goodbye Song with Instruments and Scarves


Then I broke out a train set from our system that had lots of trains, tracks, and accessories to make a little town.  Here is a picture that is similar to what we used(from pinterest)




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