Summer Storytime-Day and Night Animals

Today was all about animals that come out in the day and animals that come out at night.  We also did some other activities that went along with Day and Night theme.  Lots of new activities during this Summer Storytime ! 🙂 This was the plan for the morning:

1.) Hello Song with Instruments and Scarves

2.) Book One: Forest Bright, Forest Night

3.) Song-The Apple Tree

4.) Book Two: Go Sleep in Your Own Bed

5.) Book with Flashlight: Whoo’s There?

6.) Song with Instruments: At Night it is Dark

7.) Book and Flannel: It is Night

8.) Book, Flannel, and Yoga: Sleepy Little Yoga

9.) Book and Flannel: Quiet Night

10.) Song with Instruments: The Fireflies at Night

11.) Book: Frankie Works the Nightshift

12.) Activity with Puppets: Nocturnal or Diurnal

13.) Book: Nighttime

14.) Goodbye Song with Instruments and Scarves





Song-The Apple Tree






At Night It is Dark

Tune of: Farmer in the Dell

At night it is dark x2

The sun is gone, the moon has come

At night it is dark

I can see the stars x2

They twinkle softly in the sky

I can see the stars





The Fireflies at Night

Tune of : Wheels on the Bus

The fireflies at night go

blink, blink, blink x3

The fireflies at night go blink, blink, blink

Out in the Garden


Other verses:

The crickets/Field/Munch

Caterpillars/on the leaves/ munch

Spiders/ in the bus/spin their webs

Worms/in the ground/wiggle and squirm





Activity with Puppets:

I had a bunch of puppets in my bag, about 8 different animals, that I would pull out and the kids would tell me if they slept during the day or slept during the night.



2 thoughts on “Summer Storytime-Day and Night Animals

    1. Hi there! For this storytime I used just the one, Nighttime, which is part of the Usbourne book series of ‘Peek Insides’, and I read through the book in its entirety. There is always wiggle room though. Some of the flaps I would would show them inside but not read it all. Depending on how your group is makes all the difference but changing up the words or skipping parts of books is all part of storytime 🙂

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