Summer Storytime-Butterflies and Caterpillars

For the summer we are doing ‘Summer Storytime’ which all ages are welcome from Kindergarten and below.  Our first one together was today with the theme of Butterflies and Caterpillars.  Here was the plan for the morning together:

1.) Hello Song with Instruments and Scarves

2.) Book One: Don’t Worry Bear

3.) Song-Shake Your Shaker

4.) Book Two and Flannel: Ten Little Caterpillars

5.) Song-Flutter, Flutter, Butterfly

6.) Book Three: Waiting for Wings

7.) Song-The Life of the Butterfly 

8.) Book and Flannel: The Butterfly Alphabet 

9.) Song-The Butterfly Song

10.) Book: Goodnight Sweet Butterfly

11.) Book and Flannel: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

12.) Book: Butterfly, Butterfly 

13.) Goodbye Song with Scarves and Instruments





All of the kids got maracas and we sang this song as we shook them 🙂

Shake Your Shaker (Tune of Old MacDonald Had a Farm)

Shake your shaker in the air, shake it in the air. With a shake, shake, here and a shake, shake there.  Here a shake, there a shake, everywhere a shake, shake.   Shake your shaker in the air, shake it in the air.  

Other Verses: Way Down Low, Way Up High


I took pictures and laminated the different caterpillars and butterflies in this book and each child got to help me tell the story by bringing up their piece when it came up in the story.


For this song everyone had bells as we sang:

Flutter, Flutter, Butterfly

Tune of Twinkle, Twinkle

Flutter, Flutter, Butterfly

Floating in  the springtime air

Floating by for all to see

Floating by so merrily

Flutter, Flutter, Butterfly

Floating in the springtime air. 




The Life of the Butterfly

Tune of Skip to my Lou

I’m a caterpillar wiggle with me x3

What’ll I be my darling.

2nd Verse: Chrysalis, now sleep with me

3rd Verse: Butterfly, come fly with me


Same as the book before, I took pictures of every butterfly per letter and laminated them.  Each child got to have one that they would bring up to the board when it was shown in the book.


The Butterfly Song

Tune of Up on the Housetop

First comes a butterfly and lays an egg.

Out comes a caterpillar with many legs.

Oh see the caterpillar spin and spin,

A little chrysalis to sleep in.

Oh, Oh, Oh, wait and see x2

Out of the chrysalis, my oh my, comes a pretty butterfly. 


This has a great Spanish version that you could use in partnership with this book.



I had just done this book and flannel a few weeks ago but I had to bring it out again because who can’t tell The Very Hungry Caterpillar during Butterflies and Caterpillars week 🙂

I used my Eric Carle Butterfly puppet as well to surprise the kids at the end.

12. )

This is a beautiful picture book with an awesome surprise at the end that the kids loved 🙂




Next week is all about Day and Night Animals!

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