Play Osmo … A definite for ALL :)

Osmo had me at hello! We work with a grant funded program that provides afterschool activities in partnership with our library.  This program was able to buy a lot of different new technologies to help us with STEM afterschool programming.  Osmo was one of the purchases and I had never heard of this product before and was super excited to jump right in with it.

As soon as I opened up this product I was in love! What  is Osmo you may ask? It is an amazing product that attaches to your iPad that you can buy up to 9 different games to work along with the Osmo base.

For the amount of amazing-ness that Osmo can bring to you and the children you work with the price is very minimal.  The games that you can purchase separately include:


Each of these games have endless possibilities and there is an entire teacher community where you can see and use lots of different lesson plans that teachers have created by using these different games in their classroom.   Start here:

I will be starting to blog about the different programs that I do using Osmo in the public library ! Stay tuned.


Here is a great video to show you the amazing-ness of Play Osmo.

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