Toddler Storytime-Teddy Bears



This week was all about your teddy 🙂 Here was the plan for the morning together:

1.) Hello Song with Scarves and Maracas

2.) Book One: Old Bear

3.) Song- Bear is Sleeping 

4.) Book and Flannel: Baby Bear Sees Blue

5.) Song-Hug Your Bear

6.) Song with Puppets-Grizzly Bears (Tune of Mary had a Little Lamb)

 7.) Group Read- Jamberry

8.) Book and Flannel: Baby Bear, Baby Bear, What Do You See

9.) Song-We Wave Our Scarves Together, We Shake Our Eggs Together 

10.) Book and Flannel: Bear in the Air

11.) Goodbye Song with Scarves and Maracas


2.) book1

3.) Song- Bear is Sleeping

Bear is Sleeping, bear is sleeping,

Wake him up, wake him up.

Come and say hello Bear, come and say hello bear,

Time to eat, time to eat.

I had the kids pick out instruments to play with during this song.


Book and Flannel:

I had each of the kids take a part of the flannel board and put them up together when each color came up in the story and when each object came up in the story.


Song-Hug Your Bear to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Hug hug hug your bear.

Squeeze him very tight.  

Hold him high and help him fly.

Then hug with all your might. 

The children each had a teddy they held and I had extras for them to use if they didn’t bring their own for this song.


Song with Puppets. I used these puppets below with each different chorus of the song.


I had many copies of the Jamberry board book so that each parent and child got a copy as we read through the book !



Flannel and Book.  Each child got a different animal that they got to bring up as I get to them in the book.



Same technique as above for this flannel.  With more kids than flannel pieces I have one put up the piece and one take down.  Sometimes I make multiple sets for a large group.


Next week is all about SHARKS 🙂

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