Toddler Storytime-Birds

Birds 2016.jpgToday was all about BIRDS and we had a ton of fun 🙂 Here was the plan for the morning:

1.) Hello Song with Maracas and Scarves

2.) Book One: Shake a Leg, EGG

3.) Flannel, Song, and Puppet: The Hen on the Nest

4.) Book Two: BIRDS

5.) Book Three with Stuffed Birds with Sounds: Feathers for Lunch

6.) Song with Egg Shakers: 1, 2 Shake it on Your Shoe

7.) Book Four: Bluebird’s Nest

8.) Book Five and Flannel: Wow Said the Owl

9.) Song with Egg Shakers: Egg Shakers Up

10.) Group Read: Peek a Who?

11.) Goodbye Song with Maracas and Scarves




I had the kids take turns bringing up the eggs while we sang this song for each egg or two:

The Hen on the Nest (tune of Wheels on the Bus)

The hen on the nest goes cluck, cluck, cluck (x3)

The hen on the nest goes cluck, cluck, cluck

Till she lays an egg. 





We read this super cute and fun book and as the books came up in the story I had these awesome little birds that make their true bird sound from Audubon.  I bought them on Amazon and they were a hit!

Birds 2016





This was a great book to have participation for.  The kids each took a color or a food that matched the color and during the story as their colors came up they brought them up to the flannel board.



I was able to get a set of 12 hardcover books of Peek a Who that the group got to come and get and read with a friend 🙂 We read them all together as  a group.



Next week is all about Teddy Bears 🙂

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