Rockin’ Readers-BIRDS

Today during our K-2nd grade after school program we read books, played games, did a craft, had delicious snack, and had some trivia.

We began by doing bird sounds with bird pictures.  Read a FUN book.


Then we played a relay game where kids had to have a basket full of plastic eggs on their head and get to their team to switch off.  The kids loved it and it was harder than they thought to keep that basket on their head without touching it!! Then we went into our craft where we made a robins egg nest 🙂  It was a similar version to this except we just cut out blue eggs for the nest out of paper.


After the craft we settled down with their snack, fake mud pudding cups, and read another book.


After this book I brought out my Audubon birds and had them guess from their knowledge of earlier what birds they were !

Birds 2016

We ended with a very light book.


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