Toddler Storytime-Monsters!

Today was all about Monsters!!! I have done monsters in the past as a theme but this one I changed it up and added new things to it 🙂  The plan for the morning together:

1.) Hello Song (with instruments)

2.) Book One: The Monster at the End of this Book

3.) Song-Horns and Fangs

4.) Book with Flannel: Ten Furry Monsters

5.) Song-We Wave and We Wave and We Stop

6.) Book and Flannel: Tickle Monster

7.) Book: Snappy Little Monsters

8.) Book with Flannel: Go Away Big Green Monster

9.) Book: Glad Monster, Sad Monster

10.) Goodbye Song (with instruments)



I did the same hello song as usual but I had them all have scarves and instruments so we did ‘We wave and sing hello’ with scarves and ‘We shake and sing hello’ with maracas.








I had all of the kids put up their monster on the flannel board and as the story read on and monsters started disappearing the kids would each take down a monster.  This was really fun and good for a big group because for one monster you could get two kid’s turns out of it.


I did this song but I had the kids do ‘wave’ with scarves and ‘shake’ with maracas like our hello and goodbye song.


This is a Miss Madelyn favorite.  This flannel board was pretty simple to make due to the easy shapes.  The kids love being able to build up the tickle monster and then take him down by tickling!! It is a very interactive story with the accompanying flannel board.  I really recommend it. It changes the whole book to have the flannel go along with it!





Another great book to add a flannel to to have the kids be more interactive during the reading of this simple book 🙂



LOVE love love this book! This is a new favorite of mine.  There are fun masks for every page in this book so every child got to come up and try the mask on for every monster.  Alot of fun 🙂


Goodbye song. Same as hello song but singing goodbye instead!

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