Rockin’ Readers-The Zoo

For my K-2nd graders after school program, Rockin’ Readers, today was all about the Zoo.  We read books, made a craft, had snack, and played some games!

The books we read were:

We made a craft in between of Snake Bookmarks that I found on Pinterest 🙂


We had animal crackers for snack when last book was read and we ended with a game: Copy Cat.  Where one person is in the center with their eyes closed (The detective) and some one is chosen to be the Cat.  Then the Detective opens their eyes and the group copies the Cat’s motions.  The Detective has to decide who the cat is 🙂  Then once found out the detective is out and the Cat becomes the Detective.


I use GoNoodle to get some of the kids energy out during the stories in the beginning.  I used Moosetube and did the Llama on the Loose dance.  It was really fun to see the kids try to say the rhyme as fast as they could 🙂


Next week is Science Day!

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