Make and Take: Marker Bots :)

I host a Make and Take once a month for all ages and this month was Marker Bots.  This was very simple and fun to make!

The things you will need for each BOT are:

1 Red Solo Cup

1 Motor

1 Battery holder for two triple A with with wires

Lots of Duct Tape

4 Skinny Markers

Paper to Draw on 🙂


This was our youngest at the program and she did great! All you do is tape the markers on so that it is stable, tape the motor and battery pack on top, and the key is to put a strip of tape on motor stick(part that is moving when wires connect to motor).  This causes the whole robot to move! There are lots of Youtubes that I watched to get the hang of it but it’s really just putting everything together and making sure that the motor hangs off the cup a bit so that the tape flag you make doesn’t hit the cup.

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