Toddler Storytime-Pajamas/Bedtime!

Today was all about being in pajamas and getting ready for bed! I had lots of fun activities and songs all planned out and it went really well! Here was the plan:

1.) NEW Hello Song!!!!!!

2.) Book One: A Recipe for Bedtime

3.) Song/Flannel-Five in Bed/Blue Ted

 4.) Book Two: Goodnight Tractor

5.) Song with Scarves-This is the way we wash our face-Jbrary 

6.) Book Three with Flannel: Goodnight Moon

7.) Book Four with Flannel: Nighty Night Little Green Monster

8.) Book Four: Monsters Go Night-Night

9.) Song with Puppet from Jbrary: Tiny Tim 

10.) Flannel: 5 Elephants in the Bathtub

11.) Song-Skinamarink



I braved it and did a new hello song that the kids enjoyed! They didn’t know the words but they helped me with animal sounds.  I will continue this a few more weeks with different animal sounds.  I got it from jbrary, When Cows Get Up in the Morning.  I used five different puppets: Frog, Sheep, Dog, Bear, and Frog.





Song with Flannel: 5 In Bed/RED TED


There were five in bed and Blue Ted said roll over, roll over.  So they all rolled over and YELLOW fell out.

Now there are four….

There were four in bed and Blue Ted said roll over, roll over.  So they all rolled over and GREEN fell out!

Go forward for 3-2-1. Till only Blue Ted is left over with all the bed space!


I used the bears I had laminated for candy storytime.  I found these cuties from






Song with Scarves-This is the way we wash our hands from Jbrary.

We used scarves to pretend to wash up.  I just edited the lyrics a bit to say so late in the evening.



We read Goodnight Moon with a special activity.  There is this awesome flannel board set that you can buy on Amazon (click to see).  It was a ball and made the story so much more real for the kids 🙂  The kids each had a piece and would bring it up to the flannel board as it came up in the story.




I made a fun flannel to go along with this book.  Each of the kids got to help build the monster and then take down the monster.  A very easy and simple flannel to make that the kids all love!




Song with puppet-Tiny Tim from Jbrary

I did this with a turtle puppet and then did the motions from Jbrary with the kids for the 2nd and 3rd time through.


Flannelboard Story

5 Elephants in the Bathtub-Jbrary



Goodbye song- Skinnamarink from Jbrary


Next week is all about the LIBRARY 🙂 <3

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