Toddler Storytime-Gum Drop Day (Candy)

Today was all about the yummy goodness of gumdrops and candy 🙂 I did a few of my favorite songs because I did have trouble finding candy songs that worked well for the group. Here  was the plan for  the morning:

1.) Hello Song with Lambchop

2.) Book One: Bad Kitty Does Not Like Candy

3.) Song-Washing Hands

4.) Book Two: Owen’s Marshmellow Chick

5.) Song with Instruments-Such a Simple Exercise

6.) Book Three and Flannel: Counting Candy

7.) Song with Instruments: Walking, Walking

8.) Book Four: Little Pea

9.) Jelly Bean Stew Flannel

10.) Song-Roly Poly

11.) 5 Little Gummie Bears Flannel

12.) Song-Bubble Bubble Bubble Bubble Pop

13.) Goodbye Song with Lambchop





Washing Hands Song – Jbrary

Tune of Frere Jacques

Tops and Bottoms X2

In Between X2

Scrub them together X2

Now we’re clean,

Squeaky Clean!





Such a Simple Exercise-Jbrary

This is such a simple exercise and it’s going to make us strong! X2

Raise your right arm high and count 1-2-3, put your right arm down and count 1-2-3

This is such a simple exercise and it’s going to make us stong X2

Different Verses: 

Left Arm, Left Leg, and Right Leg




I used all of my candy flannels to get to 20 for the kids to see visually how many candies 20 looked like.


Song with Instruments. I changed this up and had all of the kids have maracas while we sang this song and they changed the speed of shaking their instruments to what motion we were singing about.

Walking, Walking- Jbrary

Walking, walking,  x2

Hop, Hop, Hop x2

Running, Running, Running x2

Now we stop x2




Jelly Bean Stew Flannel

Jelly Bean Stew, Jelly Bean Stew. Red and Yellow and purple ones too! Orange and pink and black and green.  It’s the prettiest stew I’ve ever seen!

jelly beans.jpg

I used this image and printed out two copies of it.  Then I made it into a flannel board.  This was super cute, and the kids loved it.  They helped me put all of the jelly beans onto the board and then we all pretended to be stirring out stew as we said the rhyme.


Song-Roly Poly

One of my favorites 🙂 check it out on Jbrary’s Youtube


5 Little Gummy Bears


I used five of these cuties for this rhyme:

5 little gummy bears wish we had more. We’ll eat the red one, now there are four.

4 little gummy bears, tasty as can be.  We’ll eat the blue one.  Now there are 3.

3 little gummy bears, only a few left.  We’ll eat the yellow one.  Now there are 2.

2 little gummy bears, eating them is fun! We’ll eat the green one, now there is 1.

1 little gummy bear, the last one we see.  We will ea the orange one, We’re happy as c can be!


Bubble Bubble Bubble Bubble POP-Jbrary

Another one of my favorites 🙂 Check it out,here!

Thanks so much for reading! In two weeks we will be having Fairytale Storytime 🙂

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