Toddler Storytime-Mail Time

Today was one of my favorite storytimes: Mail Time!! The kids got to sing songs, play instruments, and partake in flannel board activities all together about mail time! Here is what the plan was for the day:

1.) Hello Song with Lambchop

2.) Book One: Stanley the Mailman

3.) Song-One Bright Scarf

4.) Flannel: Magic Rainbow

5.) Book Two: The Post Office Book

6.) Song: Mailing Letters

7.) Book Three: Dear Zoo

8.) Song-Early in the Morning

9.) Flannel: Five Letters

10.) Book Four: Delivering Your Mail

11.) Songs: Mail Carrier’s Song and In the Mailbox

12.) Activity-Mail Your Own Letters

13.) Goodbye Song




Song- One Bright Scarf with Scarves for each child and their parent.

This is from Jbrary’s Site.  I have fallen in love with scarf songs so I try to incorporate one into every storytime.

One bright scarf waiting for the wind to blow.  Wiggle it high and wiggle it low.  Shake it fast and shake it slow.  Where did it go?

I did this song 3 times with the actions from Jbrary’s video.


After everyone gave me their scarves to collect I moved into colors of the scarves.  I asked all of the kids what colors each of the scarves were and went into my ‘Magic Rainbow’ flannel board that I found on Pinterest.    For this activity I had each child take a fruit off the board and put it into my magic bowl (where I have the colors of the rainbow hidden under fabric).  Then we stir it, stir it, stir it a lot, and what do we get the color RED!  I had a child put in a fruit and then had another child take out the color so everyone would have a turn.




Great book, but I changed some of it and omitted some just due to the length for this age group.


Song-Mailing Letters gave each child a maraca for this song.

Tune of Mulberry Bush

This is the way we write a letter, write a letter, write a letter.  This is the way we write a letter so early in the  morning. 

2nd Verse: Stamp a Letter

3rd Letter: Mail a Letter




Song-Early in the Morning by Jbrary 

Early in the morning at 8 o clock

You can hear the postman’s knock

Up jumps ella to answer the door.

One letter, two letters, three letters, four!


Flannel: Five Letters

I had each child bring up an animal while another child got to pick out the letter we read for the friend that went on the board.





The kids LOVED getting their own instruments so they got them back for these two songs 🙂

Mail Carrier’s Song 

tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Write, write, write your cards, and lots of letters too.  I will bring them to your friends and they will write back soon!


In the Mailbox

Tune of Are You Sleeping?

In the mailbox, in the mailbox, look and see, look and see.  A package or a postcard, a letter from my grandma.  Just for me! Just for me!



I LOVE Melissa and Doug products and this one is fantastic! It comes with what you see below so I got to teach the kids how to stamp a letter and mail a letter 🙂

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