Toddler Storytime-Penguins

Today was all about penguins and it was a BLAST 🙂 I was having issues finding different songs to do but I got creative and looked for different themes in order to get the songs I wanted.  They meshed right in and the kids really had a good time!  Here is what the plan was for our morning together.

1.) Hello song with Baby Penguin

2.) Book One: Penguins, Penguins, Everywhere!

3.) Scarf Song-Wave Your Scarf Up and Down 

4.) Book Two: I am Small

5.) Fingerplay: Two Little Penguins

6.) Book Three: If You Were a Penguin

7.) Song-Snowflake, Snowflake

8.) Book/Flannel: If I Were a Penguin

9.) Scarf Song-The Fish in the Sea

10.) Book Four: Waddle, Waddle 

11.) Song-One Little Penguin

12.) Rhyme-Five Perkey Penguins

13.) Goodbye song with Baby Penguin



Hello Song is the same every week so take a look previously at what we sang.  I did use a baby penguin puppet today instead of lamb chop due to the theme 🙂





The kids love using the scarves so I am trying to incorporate them more into my storytime.  Jbrary has lots of great ones on their Youtube that I have been trying out.  The first one we used today was ‘Wave Your Scarf Up and Down’ to the tune of London Bridge.  There are a few verses.  Check out their video to see!






Fingerplay-2 Little Penguins from Sunflower Storytime’s Blog

Two Little Penguins sitting on the hill.  (2 Fingers Up, pointer on each)

One named Jack.  One named JIll.

Waddle away Jack (put one behind your back), Waddle away Jill (Put other behind your back)

Come back Jack (bring one out), Come back Jill (bring the other out).

Another Version:

Two little penguins sitting on the ice.  Onebows once.  One bows twice.  Waddle little penguins.  Waddle away.  Come back penguins.  Time to play!



Song-Snowflake, Snowflake from Jbrary



I made a flannelboard to go with this book.  Each of the kids got an animal that they brought up to the flannel board when their animal would come up in the story 🙂


Here is another scarf song that we did today.  I changed the lyrics a bit.  I got it from Jbrary.  Here are the lyrics that I did:

The Fish in the Sea-Scarf Song

The fish int he sea, go swish, swish, swish x3

The fish in the sea go swish swish swish all day long.

The Penguins in the sea swim round and round x3

Penguins in the sea swim around and round all day long.

The waves in the sea go up and down x3

The waves in the sea go up and down all day long




Song-One Little Penguin to the tune of One Little Indian.



I did a rhyme with a flannel board called Five Perky Penguins from Sunflower Storytime where I got their printable as well for the flannel. I did two different sets of 5 penguins that way everyone could get a penguin.



Five Perky penguins stood on the shore, one went for a swim.  Then there were four.

Four perky penguins looked out to sea.  One went swimming.  Then there were 3.

Three perky penguins said, what can we do? One jumped in the water then there were 2.

Two perky penguins sat in the sun.  One swam off, then there was one.

One perky penguin said, This is no FUN! He dived in and then there were none!


Goodbye song with Baby Penguin!


Thanks for reading! Next week is my favorite, MAIL TIME 🙂

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