Toddler Storytime-Polar Bears

Today was all about Polar Bears 🙂 The kids had a blast and here’s what we did :

1.) Hello Song with Lambchop

2.) Book One-Little Polar Bear

3.) Song-Bear is Sleeping

4.) Book Two: Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you Hear? 5.) Song-Roly Poly

6.) Flannel: Polar Bear Play

7.) Book Three: Polar Bear’s Underwear

8.) Song-Polar Bears

9.) Flannel: Polar Bear, Polar Bear, are you in the red house?

10.) Book Four: Will You Still Love Me?

11.) Song-Grr Grr Grr went the big white bear

12.) Goodbye Song with Lambchop



First we sang our hello song which is the same week to week so check back in previous posts to see what we sing with Lambchop.



This is a super cute book that has a finger puppet in the center of it.  The kids loved it. A great introduction into a polar bear program.


Song-Bear is Sleeping from Jbrary

Bear is sleeping, bear is sleeping. Wake him up, wake him up. Come and say hello bear, Come and say hello bear.  Time to eat, time to eat.

Very cute actions from Jbrary’s video that you can check out.



A Classic 🙂


Song-Roly Poly from Jbrary 

A great movement and opposite song for any storytime program.  This is one of my favorites!! Check it out on Jbrary’s Youtube.


Flannel: Polar Bear Play from Falling Flannelboard’s Blog

I took their idea and made it my own.  Here is the flannel board that I created by using images from


Then I handed out the balls to the kids that wanted to be helpers and we sang this song:

Polar Bear has green ball, green ball, green ball.  Polar bear has green ball all day long.

Then the child with the green ball would bring it up to the board.  We continued this until all of the colors were up on the board.



A very silly but great book 🙂 A laugh out loud kind of book!


Song-Polar Bears are Big and White by Jbrary

The kids loved this song because they continued the lyrics by picking their own kinds of bears and what colors they were.  It was a hit!



Flannel Board-Polar Bear, Polar Bear


Here’s our flannel and I had all of the kids close their eyes tight and I would hide the polar bear.  Then we would all say after they opened their eyes, Polar Bear, Polar Bear, are you in the ______House?  I had volunteers come up and check the houses.  This went on for a while! They loved it!



This is a sad book at the start but I love it! It teaches a great lesson that even when new siblings come into the house, there is enough love to spread to everyone 🙂


Song-GRR GRR Went the Big White BearJbrary

I took this song and changed it up by putting in the Big White Bear.  It is very easy to mold a song to the way that you need it.


Goodbye song with Lambchop.  This is always the same as hello but we change it to goodbye!


Thanks for reading! Next week is all about planets!

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