Toddler Storytime-Yoga

Today was all about Yoga and thankfully I have a yoga teacher Mama that helped me awesome materials to use during this storytime 🙂 Here is what the plan was for today:

1.) Hello Song with Lamb Chop
2.) Book One: From Head to Toe

3.) Waking Fingers Activity

4.) Book Two: You Are a Lion

5.) Jelly Fish Activity

6.) Book Three: The ABCs of Yoga

7.) Song-Bubble, Bubble, Bubble, POP (Fish Pose)

8.) Book Four: Good Morning, Yoga

9.) Song-Roly Poly

10.) Breathing Hand Activity

11.) Goodbye Song with Lamb Chop


For this storytime I had every parent sit behind their child to help with poses and all of the kids had their shoes off.


Hello Song with Lamb Chop

I keep this the same every week so that the kids and parents know the song and actions.


ttbook1To start off the storytime I read a book that the kids are familiar with and that I love!  This book has great actions for the kids to do as you read.  I would recommend it for lots of storytimes but it fit right in for Yoga.



I found this book by accident and it is amazing for parents, librarians, teachers, and anyone who does kid programming.  ttbook5



This has tons of different games having to do with yoga for kids that are super fun.  I did the Waking Fingers activity where the kids ball their hands up into fists and we sing this song….

Where is ‘Thumbkin’..Where is ‘Thumbkin’

Here I am ….Here I am

How are you today sir..Very well I thank you….Run away..Run away..

As we sang this song there is a different name for each finger…Thumbkin, Pointer, Middleman, Ringmen, and Pinkey.  The kids loved this and I used it as a counting exercise as well so they would count how many fingers were up after each verse.

This was another great introduction to yoga because it is exercises for waking up their fingers.



ttbook2This was a great book because it had a new pose for us to do on every page.  So you would read a little bit about an animal and then you would guess what it was by the pose.  The kids loved this!


Thanks to my awesome Mama I was able to use these Jelly Fish creations she made to teach breathing to my toddlers….and it WORKED!  This is when I first brought up the topic of breathing.  So I first taught them how to breath in through their nose like they were smelling something good like cookies or a flower, and then we let the breath go out of our mouth like we are blowing out the candles on our birthday cake.  I then brought in the jelly fish for each of them to hold and do the breathing on.  During the storytime time we brought out these jelly fish every so often and by the end they were experts!



Another huge thank you to my Mama for these…She has a huge poster mounted like the image on the left and the book on the right.  This went great! I used the poster and not the book for this age group.  We went through the whole alphabet and did every pose.  The kids did amazing and were little expert yoginis by the end! This had great poses that came up later on in the storytime that they then got to show off that they knew already!


I taught the kids the fish pose and then we sang this song from Jbrary:

Bubble Bubble Pop

One little blue fish swimming in the water, swimming in the water,swimming in the water. One little blue fish swimming in the water, bubble bubble pop.  

Extra verses 2, 3, 4.


ttbook4This had a lot of poses from the poster so the kids were really excited to show me the poses that they already knew.  This is a great book that incorporates breathing into the poses they show and there is a second in the series as well, Goodnight Yoga.







I wanted to do another fun movement song so we did Roly Poly from Jbrary:

Roly Poly, Roly Poly, up up up, up up up

Roly Roly Poly, Roly Roly Poly, down down down, down down down.  


I did lots of verses for this including:

Out, In

Loud, Quiet

Fast, Slow


Breathing Hand.



Goodbye Song with Lamb Chop


Thank you for reading and joining in on the fun I have with children programming! Please subscribe and stay tuned for next week when I will do a storytime all about winter!

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  1. Charlene

    This sounds like it was om-azing!!! You did a fabulous job. Thanks for the shout out regarding the shared materials. I anoint you Children’s Yoga Teacher, extraordinaire.
    Namaste, xoxomama

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