Rockin’ Readers-Yoga

Today at our K-2nd graders after school program I focused on Yoga.  First we began with the High Five breathing…img_0676

We did this for about 3 minutes and then we moved into the craft.

I had all of the kids make their own jelly fish 🙂 It was a huge success!


After they made these then I taught them how to breath with them.  We inhale through our nose and then blow out through our mouth and make our jelly fish swim.


We then went through this whole poster of poses and the kids did great! They loved it.

 After all of our exercise we calmed down with snack and a book.


Then we played freeze dance and they had to end in a yoga pose from our poster! It was a great program !

Next week is all about winter 🙂 Thanks for reading!

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