Toddler Storytime: Birthdays!

Today was all about a fun time…..BIRTHDAYS!! This is what the plan was:

1.) Hello Song with Lamb Chop

2.) Book One: A Birthday For Cow

3.) Song-Birthday Months

4.) Book Two: If You Give Pig a Party

5.) Song/Flannel: Five Little Cupcakes

6.) Book Three: Happy Birthday, Hamster!

7.) Song-Jell-o in the Bowl

8.) Book Four: Birthday Zoo

9.) Song- A Reason to Celebrate

 10.) Song-10 Birthday Cakes

11.) Book Five: Bears and Birthdays

12.) Flannel: Five Birthday Candles

13.) Song-Shake My Sillies Out

14.) Goodbye Song with Lamb Chop



Hello song with Lamb Chop (See previous posts)




Rhyme: Birthday Months

If your birthday is in….

January: Turn Around,

February: Touch the Ground,

March: March Along,

April: Sing a Song,

May: Wiggle your nose,

June: Shake  your feet,

July: Jump up high,

August: Reach for the Sky,

September: tap your shoe,

October: Call out Boo,

December: Give three cheers hip hip hooray!




Song/Flannel: Five Little Cupcakes


This is sung to the tune of 5 Little Ducks  (Mel’s Desk’s Blog)

Down around the corner at the bakery shop, were five little cupcakes with candles on top.  Along came someone with a nickle to pay.  They bought a cupcake and took it away. 





Song-Jell-o in the Bowl (From Sunflower Storytime’s Blog)

Tune of Hunting We Will Go

Jell-o in the bowl, Jell-o in the bowl, 

Wibble wobble, wibble wobble.

Jell-o in the bowl.

Cookies in the jar, cookies in the jar.

Shake em up, Shake em up.

Cookies in the Jar.

Candles on the cake, candles on the cake,

Blow them out, blow them out.

Candles on the cake.

The kids loved this song, we ended up singing it again after the program!  I made up my own motions to this.  I had them all shake to pretend they were jell-o, we held a jar, and we held up ten fingers for candles.


Song-A Reason to Celebrate

Tune of Twinkle, Twinkle

Happy Birthday, it’s my day.  Hope it’s great in every way.  You will help me celebrate cause I think you’re really great.  Happy Birthday it’s my day, hope it’s great in every way.  


Song-10 Birthday Cakes

Tune of 10 Little Indians


I had each child have a cake.  They brought one by one up as we counted together and then we sang!

One little, two little, three little cakes.

Four little, five little, six little cakes.

Seven little, eight little, nine  little cakes.

10 little cakes with candles on top!




Flannel Five Birthday Candles


I got this from Jen in the Library’s Blog.  I had volunteers help me take one down at a time as I said this rhyme.

5 birthday candles, wish there were more, blow one out, now there are 4.

4 birthday candles, pretty as can be, blow one out, then there are 3.

3 birthday candles, hope my wishes come true, blow one out, then there are 2.

2 birthday candles, birthdays are fun, blow one out, now there is 1.

1 birthday candle, the party’s almost done, blow one out, now there are none!


Song-Shake my Sillies out.

I love this song and only did the first verse with them a few times.  They loved it!!

I gotta shake shake shake my sillies out.  Shake shake shake my sillies out.  I gotta shake shake shake my sillies out.  Wibble my wobbles away!



Goodbye song with Lambchop(previous posts)


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