Toddler Storytime-Into the Jungle

Today’s theme was ‘Into the Jungle’! We sang lots of animal songs, did fun flannel boards, and did lots of fun motion activities! It was a blast! Here is what the plan was for the day:

1.) Hello Song with Lambchop

2.) Book One: Still a Gorilla

3.) Book Two and Song: The Wheels on the Bus

4.) Flannel and Song: 5 Elephants in the Bathtub

5.) Book Three: Dancing Feet

6.) Song-I went to the Zoo

7.) Flannel and Book Four: My Heart Is Like a Zoo

8.) Flannel and Book: One Big Salad

9.) Book Four: From Head to Toe

10.) Book and Flannel: Turtle Splash

11.) Goodbye Song with Lambchop


Hello Song with Lambchop

We clap and sing hello.  We clap and sing hello.  With our friends at storytime, we clap and sing hello.  We stomp and sing hello.  We stomp and sing hello.  With our friends at storytime, we stomp and sing hello.  We wave and sing hello.  We wave and sing hello.  With our friends at storytime, we wave and sing hello.  

I like to do the same hello and goodbye song for every storytime during this half of the year, that way the kids get used to it and are able to sing with me and do the actions as well.



This is such an adorable book that gets the kids involved with talking to the book.  The book asks questions about the gorilla and the kids get to respond to those.  This was a big hit in my group!







Next we sang through this book.  It rocked! I sang through the book but before I read the page I would teach the kids the action they would do for what I was singing.  They loved it and it went great!


img_1927We then did a flannel that I love: 5 Elephants in the bathtub.  I learned this rhyme from Jbrary’s Youtube channel and made a flannel to go with it with my Cricut.  I gave the kids each one elephant and they brought them up to the bathtub as the song went on.



This is a really great book for the kids to guess what animal is coming up next.  Each page gives a sneak peek  of the animal coming up next.   A really cute story!


Song-I went to the Zoo

I went to the zoo to see lions, elephants, tigers, and bears.  I went to the zoo to see zebras.  I love all the animals there.  Lions, tigers, elephants, zebras, and bears, and bears.  Lions, tigers, elephants, zebras, and bears.  


During this song the plan was to have them stand and sit for each animal that comes up in the song but this was a little difficult I was seeing with my group,so instead I had them clap for every animal that got brought up.  This song is to the tune of My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.


I then did one of my favorite flannels that I made for a previous storytime! I just love the heart animals 🙂  So every child got an animal and they would bring it up to the board when their animal came up in the story!


Then we did a counting flannel with a fun book that draws out animals using healthy food, One Big Salad.  I had the kids take a number and they would bring it up to the board as their number came up in the story.  We took the time to count on our hands every time a new number came up on the board.



This was a great book for the kids to get up and move! Love it! They would do all the actions that the animals would do in the story! Great time!









We did a fun flannel/counting/story activity to end the program.  The kids loved this and it was great to incorporate counting into the program again.  I used Turtle Splash and made turtle flannels, animals, and the numbers to go along with the story.  I had the kids put up the ten turtles as we counted them out.  They each got an animal to put up on the board as the story went on. They also helped me take down a turtle each time their animal came up.  It was a busy activity but they loved it and it helped them learn more counting!



Lastly we did the goodbye song which is the same as the hello song just trading out hello for goodbye.  Lambchop comes back out to sing with us and gives everyone a hug goodbye.

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