Toddler Storytime-Desserts

Today’s topic was all about yummy desserts! The kids had a great time! Here is what the plan was:

1.)Hello Song

2.) Book One: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

3.) Song-Do You Know the Muffin Man?

4.) Book Two: Cookie Count with flannel board

5.) Book Three: My Cookie Baker

6.) Song- Patty Cake

7.) Flannel Board Story: Five Cookies

8.) Book Four and Flannel: The Cow Loves Cookies

9.) Song and Flannel: One Little Ice Cream Scoop

10.) Goodbye Song



Hello Song with Lambchop (Tune of Farmer in the Dell)

We clap and sing hello, we clap and sing hello, with our friends at storytime we clap and sing hello.

We stomp and sing hello, we stomp and sing hello, with our friends at storytime we stomp and sing hello.

We wave and sing hello, we wave and sing hello, with our friends at storytime we wave and sign hello.


Book Onettbook1



We then sang a classic song, Do you Know the Muffin Man?.  I had the kids  clap on their legs as we sang the song


The kids loved this book because of all of the gorgeous pop ups.  I think the adults liked it even more.  I gave each of the kids a number so that when their number came up in the story they came up and put it up on the flannel board.


Book Three



Another classic song we sang, Patty Cake.  I taught the kids all of the motions before we began the song.  They really seemed to like it a lot.


Five Cookies Flannel Board Story.  I found this cute story on Sunflower Storytime’s blog and I created my own flannel board using my Cricut 🙂


The story that goes along with this flannel goes like this:

Five little cookies, with frosting galore.  Mom ate the pink one, then there were four.

Four little cookies, two and two, you see, Father ate the green one, and then there were three.

Three little cookies, but before I knew sister ate the blue one, then there were two

Two little cookies, oh what fun! Brother ate the orange one, then there was one.

One little cookie, watch me run.  I ate the red one, then there were none!


Book Four and Flannel.


I really enjoyed this book so I made up my own flannel to go along with it.  I had each child pick their favorite animal and when their animal  came up in the story they would bring them up.


Song and Flannel


I got this song off of Doggedearstorytime and it goes like this:

I have one little, two little, three little ice cream scoops.  Four little, five little, six little ice cream scoops.  Seven little, eight little, nine little ice cream scoops with a cherry on top.

I changed up the last line to add  a cherry into it.  I seriously LOVE my Cricut it makes flannel boards a breeze.  It does all of the work for me!


Lastly we sang the goodbye song which is the same as the hello song but with Goodbye inserted into it.


Thanks for reading! Next week is all about Firefighters! Stay tuned!

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