Toddler Storytime-Elephants

Today was a very fun storytime because it was all about elephants! Here is what the plan was:

1.) Hello Song with Lamb Chop

2.) Book One-What to Do if an Elephant Stands on Your Foot

3.)  Book Two: My Elephant

4.) Song-Miss Mary Mack

5.) Book Three: I Will Take a Nap

6.) Flannel Board/Story: How the Elephant Got It’s Trunk

7.)Flannel Board/Song: 5 Elephants in the Bathtub

8.) Group Read: Follow the Trail: Wild Animals

9.) Puppet/Song: Elephant

10.)Book Four: Small Elephant’s Bathtime

11.) Flannel Board: Two Little Elephants

12.) Goodbye Song with Lamp Chop

1.)Hello Song with Lamb Chop

I sing the same hello/goodbye song at every storytime so that the kids are comfortable with it and can sing along with me every time.

We clap and sing hello

We clap and sing hello

With our friends at storytime,

we clap and sing hello.

2nd Verse: Stomp

3rd Verse: Wave

2.)Book One




3.)Book Two


4.)Song-Miss Mary Mack

Miss Mary Mack-Mack-Mack

All dressed in Black-Black-Black

With silver buttons-buttons-buttons 

All down her back-back-back

She asked her mother-mother-mother

for fifty cents-cents-cents

to see the elephants-elephants-elephants

Jump over the fence-fence-fence

They jumped so high-high-high

That they didn’t come back-back-back

Till the fourth of July-ly-ly

I had the kids clap along with me to this song so  that they would stay engaged.  They really got hooked on this song.  We sang it a few times.

5.)Book Three




I love Mo Williams and love this series of books but  it was hard to do with my crowd today because it is a hard book to keep their attention grasped if they aren’t each holding the book.  They perked up though when Piggy started to snore 🙂

6.)Flannel Board/Story: How the Elephant got it’s trunk


I found a version of this story that I printed off from online.  I liked it a lot better than other versions I had seen.  I had each child take an animal so that when the animal came up in the story they were able to come up and put the animals on the flannel board.  I was able to make these animals right on my Cricut Cutting machine which ROCKS 🙂

7.)Flannel Board/Song: 5 Elephants in the Bathtub


I got this rhyme off of Jbrary and LOVE it! The kids loved it too so it was a win/win.  I gave out the elephants to volunteers so that they could bring them up one at a time.  Check out Jbrary’s video.  They rock.

8.)Group Read

I tried something new this storytime and did a group read.  We received some money to go in memory of a patron so we used it to buy some kits for storytime.  We bought ten copies of Follow  the Trail: Wild Animals. I love these Follow the Trail books because they are very engaging and the kids usually love them.  So each parent/child received a book and we read through together.




Next we sang a fun song with a very special friend, ELEPHANT 🙂


Elephant-To the tune of ‘Mulberry Bush’

Here is the elephant’s tail so thin, tail so thin, tail so thin.

Here is the elephant’s tail so thin. Swish Swish Swish

2nd Verse: Trunk so long-Swish 

3rd Verse: Feet so Huge-Stomp



Two Little Elephants

Two little elephants standing in a row

Two little trunks waving hello.

‘Oh’ said one elephant, ‘It’s time to go’

One  little elephant standing in a row.

One little trunk waving hello.

‘Hey’ said the elephant, ‘Where’d he go?’

11.)Goodbye Song with Lambchop

I do the same as the hello song just input goodbye instead of hello.


Thanks for reading! Next week will be apples!

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