Rockin’ Readers-Ag Day

We had a great Rockin’ Readers program today all about teaching kids about farming and agriculture! I read all funny stories during this program.  They are all favorites of mine.  The first one we read was:


Then we had a very special guest from a local farm that brought lots of goodies and lots of information for the kids.  He talked about caring for the cows they have, about 1,200, and about doing competitions with the cows. On his farm they have technology where every cow wears a sensor and he is able to look at his phone and see how every individual cow is doing.  It was very interesting and the kids really loved it and paid attention through out the presentation.  Best of all  he handed out cow tails at the end 🙂

After our special guest we did a fun craft, Cow paper puppet!  This was a quick and easy craft that the kids loved.


After our craft the kids got a very tasty (and messy) treat made by our director, Hay Bales, which is a pretzel, marshmallow, peanut butter, and melted chocolate mix.  It  was super  yummy!  During snack I read our last two books before the kids headed home.

We had a great time!

 Thank you for reading! Next week’s theme is FALL 🙂

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