Rockin’ Readers-Pirate Day!

Rockin’ Readers is an afterschool program for K-2nd graders where they walk over after school we read stories, make a craft, and have snack!  Today’s theme was Pirate Day!  First we read two books, A Pirate’s Guide to First Grade and Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies.

These were awesome books.  A Pirate’s Guide to First Grade used lots of pirate language so the kids loved it! The second book, Henry and the Buccaneer Bunnies was all about a bunny that loved to read! AWESOME 🙂

Next the kids did a craft, they made their own pirate hook! It was super easy and cheap, but the kids absolutely LOVED them.


I poked holes through the bottom of all of these red solo cups with a pair of scissors, BEWARE, it is hard to do and you have to be careful!  Next I ripped off about a foot long piece of foil.  The kids then get the cup with the hole in the bottom, and a piece of foil.  The kids fold the foil into a long skinny rectangle, and then twist the whole thing.  Next they push it through the hole in the cup and once the foil is through they fold it up so that it won’t fall out of the cup.  VOILA everyone is a pirate!

Next we had snack, PIRATE BOOTY 🙂 What else??! Then we read our last two books, Are You the Pirate Captain?  and  Pirate, Viking, & Scientist.

These were both very cute stories, but my favorite out of the two was Are You the Pirate Captain?.  It was a very funny read and easy for the kids to  understand!

Lastly I usually end with a game so we played, Doggy Doggy Where’s Your Bone.  If you haven’t heard of this game, the kids sit in a circle and one of them sits in the middle and another one has a bone to give to another student in the circle.  The doggy (student) in the middle closes their eyes while the student with the bone chooses someone to hold the bone.  Everyone in the circle says a rhyme, “Doggy Doggy where’s your bone? Someone took it far from home.  Guess Who, it might be you! Wake up doggy!!”  This is when the student in the center, the doggy, opens their eyes and gets three guesses of who has the bone.  After they have their guesses the doggy gets to pick who gets the bone next and the person who chooses who the doggy was before gets to be the doggy.

It was a great time.  Next week is Teach Ag Day! We will have special guests! Stay tuned. Subscribe for more fun !  Thanks for reading!

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