Skype Author Program and Book Review. LIST of Authors who Skype


I started to do a program for adults in our library and it is a fun book club where we read YA books.  It has been a really fun experience because it has opened up so many adults to reading YA and middle school fiction and they are loving it.  I love YA fiction and I have always spoke to other adults about how much they would love reading YA fiction but because it is promoted for teens adults don't usually go towards it.

We have been doing this book club for about a year and I wanted to change it up a bit so I started to email authors and see if they would Skype in to our book club to talk about themselves, the book, and have a Q+A with my group.  It has been a great success.  People are still just hearing about it and I figure it will take a while for people to get on board but I have a great group right now that loves it.

All I do in order to get authors to Skype in is reach out to them! Be advised though that you should give PLENTY of time before your event to contact them that way they have time to answer you and both of your schedules would be more flexible.  I have authors scheduled to Skype with my book club all the way till April!  I will provide the list of authors that I have worked with in the past.

This month I reached out to Siobhan Vivian and she was more than happy to Skype into our bookclub.  We read her book, "The Last Boy and Girl in the World", and I couldn't put it down.  This book is about a small town, with families who have been there for generations, that is about to turn into a lake!  The governor and other officials decide that it is a hazard for this town to exist due to flooding concerns.  The book follows a girl, Keeley, through her life during this chaos.  I think that Siobhan did a great job in developing relationships and showing the scene.  I really felt as if I was there with these teens.  It was very well written where it was believable.  I liked that this book had such a unique topic that I have never heard of.  I think that the best YA books are the ones that start with a creative and unique theme.  This definitely was one of them!

Keeley is a just about to be a senior and then her world changes dramatically after a flood.  This book follows her through friendship, new boyfriend, family troubles, and town issues. It is a great in-depth read that I couldn't put down till I got to the last page.


Authors who will Skype List

1.) Mike Mullin

2.) Ryan Graudin

3.) Todd Strasser

4.) Jim Hines

5.) Siobhan Vivian

6.) Andrea Cremer

7.) Julie Berry

8.)Katherine Arden

9.)Deanna Rayburn

10.)Tara Altebrando

11.)Mindy McGinnis

12.)Deborah Heiligman

13.)Brendan Reichs

14.)Melissa Keil

15.)Jennifer Donnelly

16.)Jenni Walsh

17.)Kathy MacMillian

18.)Brittany Cavallaro

19.)Kate Elliot

20.)Steve Sheinkin

21.)Kelley Armstrong

22.)Zoraida Cordova

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