Movie and a Craft: Shaun the Sheep

This month’s Movie and a Craft was “Shaun the Sheep and the Farmer’s llama’s”.  This movie was so cute and the kids loved the craft.  Here’s what I did!

shaun the sheep

First we made adorable sheep which were easy and cheap!  All you need is a paper plate, cotton balls, glue, sheet of black construction paper, and googly eyes.  How I ran this craft is I gave all of the kids a paper plate and a foam brush.  I came around and poured some Elmer’s glue onto their plates.  They then spread out the glue very quickly with their foam brush and started to add the cotton balls from the center of the plate to the outside rim.  After accomplishing that they cut out legs and a head for the sheep.  Next attach the googly eyes to the head.  Last use the foam brush to apply glue to legs and head and attach to the sheep plate.

Then we took pictures of their adorable crafts and finally settled down with popcorn to watch the movie!

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