Make and Takes: Pokemon Go T-shirts!

Pokemon Go is all the craze right now with the kids at the library so I found this awesome craft that they could make to show their support for their pokemon team! We made Pokemon Go T-shirts!  I found stencils on WooJr. I printed out these stencils and then cut them out on cardboard.  This way the stencil would be easy to lay down on a t-shirt and would hold up to the spray paint.  cardboard

Most of the demos I found online where people made pokemon go tshirts was with spray bleach but I am NOT A FAN.  The t-shirts that we used spray bleach on turned into blobs!  We bought some fabric spray paint just in case the bleach  didn’t work and  I am so glad we did because it worked perfect!!IMG_1768

We laid down the cardboard stencil onto the t-shirt and used the fabric spray paint to spray over the design.  BE CAREFUL because the spray paint will spray everywhere if you aren’t paying attention.  This was a fun, easy, and quick project for the kids and they loved it.  I also bought some 3d paint that they were able to outline their spray painted character with.  I had all ages come to this program but had  anyone under twelve attend with an adult.  It worked out well!

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