Toddler Storytime-Dinosaurs

Today’s theme was dinosaurs before our two week break!

Here’s what we did!

1.) Hello Song with Lambchop

2.) Book One: Vacation’s Over! The Return of the Dinosaurs

3.) Book Two and Flannel Board: Ten Terrible Dinosaurs

4.) Song-Dino Ditty

5.) Book Three- Mamasaurus

6.) Rhyme-Dinosaur, Dinosaur

7.) Book Four-The Field Guide to the Grumpasaurus

8.) Flannel Board: Roxie the Colorful Dinosaur

9.)Song and Flannel Board-Dinosaurs in Cars

10.)Book Five-Brontorina

11.) Goodbye Song with Lambchop


I do the same hello song every week with Lampchop because the kids are picking up on the song and actions.  They sing along with me now every week. I do a Hello and Goodbye song to the tune of the Farmer in the Dell. I got this song from Storytime Katie.  She has many options of different songs on her blog.  Check it out!


TTbook1We then started to read our first book, Vacation’s Over! Return of the Dinosaurs.  This is a very cute book because it shows the dinosaurs aren’t extinct they were just on vacation.  So this started up a conversation with the group of what would happen if the dinosaurs really were just on vacation and they came back??!


Next we did a book with a flannel board.  I am just starting to work with a Cricut and haven’t had much luck with getting it to cut felt so I am doing paper flannel board activities for a change.  Let me know if you have any tips/experience with Cricut and felt.  I would love to hear about it!  TTbook2So anyways we read Ten Terrible Dinosaurs and I had ten dinosaurs on the flannel board that each child got to come up and take one down as they were kicked out of the story.


Then we sang a really fun song that I got from Jbrary, Dino Ditty.  This is a really fun song and the kids loved getting to make the beat for it.  I followed exactly what Jbrary did in their video.  The adults loved this as well due to the tune it goes to! 🙂dino ditty


Next we read a very cute book, Mamasaurus.
This book is about a little dino losing his mom.  So he goes around to all of his friends asking if they have seen his mama.  Very cute book and also helps teach the kids different traits of different dinos.


I wanted to get the kids moving so then we did a moving rhyme, “Dinosaur, Dinosaur”.  I got this rhyme from Storytime Katie.

Dinosaur, Dinosaur turn around

“, “, touch your nose

“, “, reach up high

“, ” wink one eye

“, ” touch the ground

“, “, turn around

“, “, sit down please.




Then we read a very funny book about a grumpy child that turns into the GRUMPASAURUS!   The Field Guide to the Grumpasaurus is such a cute book because no one knows that the dinosaur is actually a real kid  until the end of the story.  This is probably one of my favorite books! Love it and the best part is that the kids did too.  They had the biggest smiles on when we found out the dino was just a kid!


Next we did a very fun flannel board that I saw different versions of in different places and made up my own.  “Roxie the Colorful Dino” is a fun flannel all about eating different foods and how it is a great thing to eat lots of different kinds of foods.  IMG_1762

First I talked about Roxie.

Roxie is a very hungry dino and she loves to eat all different kinds of foods. 

Then I take out the apple and have the kids tell me what kind of food it is and what color it is.

Roxie loves to eat red apples all day long but when she eats them her spots turn……RED.

I take out the Roxie with red dots on it.  Then I say..

Roxie wanted to eat something new so she ate….

I take out a green pear and have them identify the color and type of food and put it on the board.

Roxie loves to eat green pears all day long but when she eats them her spots turn….GREEN. 

I do the same thing for orange, and blue.

Then finally I say….

Roxie loves to eat all different kinds of food all day long! 

Then I bring out the Roxie will all different color spots on her.

The  kids loved this because they got to interact and answer a bunch of questions as we went.  It kept them engaged which is so important especially towards the end of storytime.



The last song I did was Dinosaurs in Cars.  The kids loved this so much! I got the lyrics and tune from Nancy Music.  Definitely worth it to put into any dinosaur storytime that you have! The kids loved it! Especially the actions/words of the flat tire.  I also did a flannel board with this to show the  visual of the numbers and dinosaurs.  IMG_1763


Lastly we read the final book, Brontorina, which is about a dinosaur who wants to be a ballerina.  A very cute read.  I skipped some of the wording though due to length.  A fifth book is pushing the limits of their attention but it worked out because I had some ballerinas in the group !ttbook5


Then it was time to sing our goodbye song and have lambchop give hugs to all of our toddlers.  Our goodbye song is the same as the hello song I just interchange hello to goodbye.


We will be taking two weeks off from Toddler Storytime and will be starting back up in September with PIRATES!

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