Toddler Storytime-MAIL TIME

Today’s theme in storytime was MAIL TIME! The kids got to hear lots of stories about mail, sing about mail, and get hands on time with guess what? MAIL.  It was a ball for the toddlers and for the adults!



First we always sing our hello song with Lambchop and then she goes into the storytime bag for a nap during the program.  At the end she comes out and sings goodbye with the toddlers and then gives everyone a hug goodbye.

‘Clap and Sing Hello’ to the tune of Farmer in the Dell.

1st Verse=Clap, 2nd Verse=Stomp. and 3rd Verse=Wave

We clap and sing hello

We clap and sing hello

With our friends at storytime 

We clap and sign hello.





Then we began with our first book, Millie Waits for the Mail.  This is a very cute book about a cow that is in love withscaring the mail man but then she turns our to help him in the end by being the mail delivery vehicle 🙂


Next we sang a song about getting our mail delivered.  The kids were able to do the actions to this and sing along with me towards the end.  We sang it about five times so that they could get the hang of the song and act/sing along with me.  I learned this from Jbrary’s Youtube page.

Early in the Morning

Early in the Morning

At Eight O’Clock

You Can Hear the Postman Knock

Up Jumps Ella to Answer the Door

1 Letter, 2 Letters, 3 Letters, 4.



TTbook2We then started our next book, Stanley: The Mail Man.  Stanley is  the cutest and most efficient Guinea Pig I have ever met! There is a lot of different Stanley books in this series of various jobs that Stanley has.  This one is very cute because he delivers mail to his different animal friends in the village.  The kids were able to interact with this book because I would ask them what animal each of Stanley’s friends were and what did they get in the mail as well.  This was definitely a hit with the kids.



This was an adorable book because of the lift and flaps.  The kids were able to come up one at a time and open the flaps to see a present from start to finish in the mail cycle.  I think this was very educational in how mail gets to you.  Even though this is a board book it is definitely one you should share in story time even with a large group!


Next we sang a song about Mail Carriers like the one in the books we just read.  I was shocked how quickly the kids picked up on this song! They started to sing with me right away!

The Mail Carrier Song-Tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Write, Write, Write your cards

and lots of letters too!

I will bring them to your friends

and they will write back too!


Then I did a flannel board activity: Five Little Valentines.  I made this from looking at the Six Little Valentines on Storytime Katie but changed it up a bit to be my own 🙂  IMG_1727

I used the flannel I had made for ‘Cat the Cat: Who is that?’ and made my own valentines inside envelopes.  So I changed the rhyme up a bit.  I also used the Melissa and Doug Post Office box to hold the letters.  That way two toddlers got to come up for each valentine: One unlocked the mailbox and one got the valentine out for me.

Five Little Valentines

Five Little Valentines were sent to storytime for you!

The first one said, I love you from Alien

Four Little Valentines in our mailbox,

The Second one said, Be Mine love Mouse

Three Little Valentines full of love

The third one said , You are sweet from duck

Two little valentines mailed with care

The fourth one said, Be my Honey love Cat

The last little valentine from our Friend Fish

This one said, Here’s a Hug!






This was a huge hit with the kids because they wanted to get a dragon in the mail after I read this to them! This is a fun book about a boy writing letters to his mailbox to send him different things! The mailbox goes a little crazy and sends the little boy tons and tons of stuff! This was a fun read!


Next we sang a song about mailing letters with a few different verses.

Mailing Letters-tune of Mulberry Bush

This is the way we write a letter, write a letter, write a letter.

This is the way we write a letter so early in the morning.

2nd Verse-Stamp a Letter, 3rd Verse-Mail a Letter


After we did the song I had the kids come up one at a time and stamp a letter, and mail a letter with an awesome kit from Melissa and Dog Toys.


We then read our last book.  This shows exactly what it means to be a post carrier! TTbook5


Then we wrapped up storytime by bringing out Lamp Chop and singing goodbye together.  This goodbye song is same as the hello song we just change hello to goodbye.  Lambchop then gives all of the kids hugs goodbye!



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