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My last game for the Summer was CHECKERS 🙂 The teens loved it and I know we will be using it for years to come! It’s a very simple game to play but kept them engaged for a whole hour which was great! Making this game may look easy but it took a lot of work.  Having a teen library worker or teen volunteer that loves to help would help you tremendously!

Here’s how I put this game together!

First you have to get your materials.  There are many things you could use for your checkers board: green turf rug, canvas, tarps, or regular carpet.  You need it to be about 12×12 in size.  I decided to use tarps which I got on Amazon .   Thankfully they were already folded in a way that we could use for the checker board.  If your board is not measured this way already you can use a tape measure and quickly mark the squares.    We taped off each of the squares and covered the ones we wanted to stay blue then spray painted the open squares.  This takes a bit of time so definitely plan it. IMG_1628

The next part that you need are the checker pieces.  There are different things that you could use but we went with five gallon bucket lids that our local hardware store so graciously donated to us!  They run about $3-$5 usually so this was a huge help because you need about 24 bucket lids for each board that you make.  They were able to order us half green and half white so that we didn’t need to spray paint them to have different colors.  If you can only get white then spray paint half of them so that the players have different colors.  IMG_1636

Some websites showed hot gluing two bucket lids together so that it looks like a true checker piece but we skipped that to save on lids.  They still looked like checker pieces.  The teens had a blast!IMG_1635

I  am planning on making more life size games during the year and holding special events for them!  My next game will be KERPLUNK 🙂 Stay Tuned! Subscribe to keep up to date on the fun!

Here are some resources I used for to find out more on how to make the checker boards:

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