Toddler Storytime-Camping!

Today’s topic was camping and it was SO MUCH FUN 🙂 Here is the plan!

1.)Hello Song with Lamp Chop

2.)Book One-Maisy Goes Camping

3.)Camping Chant-Flannel

4.)The Hiking Song

5.)Book Two-Duck Tents

6.) Let’s Go Hiking Song

7.)Book Three-When We Go Camping

8.)Campfire Pokey-Flannel

9.)Book Four-Zigby Camps Out

10)A Camping We Will Go Song

11.)Goodbye Song and Lampchop Hugs

1.)Hello Song with Lampchop



TTbook1Maisy Goes Camping is a cute read and everyone loves Maisy,so it went really well! It’s a funny read as well,due to their elephant friend trying to fit into the tent!


I made a flannel to go with a camping chant and the kids helped me pick what animals we were going to pick so they were able to participate in this as well.  After they picked what animal I said the chant and then they said the animal sound.

Camping Chant

I was laying in my sleeping bag

I couldn’t go to sleep

I looked at my watch and wanted to weep

 I rolled to my left

I rolled to my right

but all I could hear were animal noises in the night.

I heard a ‘Owl’, ‘Hoo, hoo, hoo’.

As they picked the animal I put it up on the flannel board.  I didn’t do this as a chant but instead just told it like a story.  The kids loved to make the animal sounds.  I did an owl, wolf, dog, bear, and monkey.  IMG_1479


Next we did a Hiking song to the tune of Over the River and Through the Woods. The kids clapped through this because the lyrics were difficult for them to remember right away.

Over the River and Along the Trail

1st Verse

Over the river and along the trail

the  hikers hike and sing

they walk along the rocky path

they love to hike and sing

2nd verse

Over the river and along the trail

they sing their favorite songs

As they go near and far

they will sing all day long!



This is a great counting book and the kids loved to guess what the ducks would do next! A quick cute read!


We sang a song next, Let’s Go Hiking, to the tune of Frere Jacques.  I did this as a say after me song.  So I sang one line then the kids sang the next line to repeat back to me.  It was really fun and the kids wanted to sing it over and over again 🙂

Let’s go hiking: Let’s go hiking

Along the trail: Along the trail

I like to hike fast: I like to hike fast (move arms fast)

I like to hike slow: I like to hike slow (move arms slow)

Along the trail: Along the trail



This book is one of my favorites just because of the almost real looking pictures! The kids loved the pictures.  The wording was for an older group but I adjusted because I knew I had to use it just for the real life pictures!


Next we did a song and dance with an accompanying flannel board: Campfire pokey to the tune of Hokey Pokey! The kids got up and danced with me for this and loved the flannel that went along with it! Food choices were: hot dog, marshmallow, apple, and popcorn.

You put your __________ in

You put your ___________out

You put your_________in

and you shake it all about.

You do the campfire pokey

and you turn yourself about.

That’s what it’s all about!




This is an adorable book about a zebra camping with his friends! So cute!


Sadly we finished up with the goodbye song and lambchop giving hugs! It was a great time! Next week is Mail Time! 🙂

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