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Today we played Life Size Monopoly! This was super fun! It looks intimidating but it wasn’t too bad to get it made and once it is made you will have it forever.  I will attach the creator’s files to this so that you can easily print them out.  Her email is below.

Creator Source: or IMG_1493

In order to make this game I first printed out everything:












Next after printing every thing out I purchased white poster and used about 24 of them.  For the corner pieces you use a full board and for the rest of the pieces I cut a board in half so that I could save money.  Next I cut out all of the Monopoly Spaces 1+2, the Monopoly spaces pictures, and the title deeds.  I used the Monopoly board picture to make sure what parts I was putting on what spaces.  I glued down all of the property words, prices, and images.  Then I ordered colored poster board and cut it into strips to fit along the top of the property posters. After gluing the colored tops I worked with my local high school to get these huge pieces laminated so that they will stay looking great through the usage.  I  also  cut out all of the title deeds glued them together and got those laminated as well.


I ordered huge blow up dice from Amazon, got old Monopoly money, chance cards, and community chest cards donated.  Lasttly I collected cardboard milk cartons for the houses and hotels (about 40) and they were spray painted green and red.


Once you get everything together you are ready to play! Before playing I would get all of your money set for how many players you will have and get everything in order so that you don’t have to waste time.  It was a ball!


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    1. Emily F.

      It would be awesome if you gave credit to the original creator of the PDFs (Her name and email address is at the bottom of the “getting started” page.)

      1. elembibliotech

        You are completely right! Thank you for pointing that out. I have added it in! Thanks again 🙂

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