Life Size Gaming – JENGA!

Yesterday I hosted the second Life Size Gaming event, JENGA! It was a blast.  It took a lot of prep and a lot of donations to make possible, but it was worth it and we will be able to use the materials for programs for years to come.

So to begin I had to collect 42 empty soda boxes from parents, had three rolls of Duck Brand Brown Kraft Paper donated to us, and lots of book tape on hand.  I measured out how long of a brown paper I would need for one box and did all of the cutting first.  Then began to wrap each box like a present.  I used a lot of tape so that they would hold up during use.

Once all of the work was done I had to think of a way I was going to transport all of these 42 boxes quickly and easily to another location.  I lucked out and found Gain Mesh Laundry bags and they worked perfect! I was able to fit eight Jenga pieces in each and it was a snap!

Then came the fun: GAME DAY!

There are a few tips that I learned as we played.  Play on a flat surface and not on the grass.  Have all of the kids have a number so that that way it is easy to call for each player and kids don’t get left out.  If it is windy you should have people who do help to hold it up a bit so that it doesn’t fall over quickly.  Overall this was definitely a great program and I can’t wait for the next time we get to play!


3 thoughts on “Life Size Gaming – JENGA!

  1. Hayley

    Hello, I was wondering just how long it took you guys to collect 42 empty pop cases?
    and how long do you think it would take one person to wrap all 42 boxes?

    1. It took me about two months to collect all of the soda boxes. I thankfully had a Youth Advisory Council Mom that worked with people that drank lots of soda! The wrapping wasn’t too bad. Probably a total of 6-8 hours. You could have teen helpers help you wrap them 🙂

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