Life Size Gaming-Scrabble

I held the first of my eight week program session of Life Size Gaming yesterday! Our first game was Scrabble.  This was probably the easiest of my games to make because it didn’t take too much effort.  I made a document with each page having a square, a letter, and the number of points for that letter.  I did my research on how many letters were in scrabble and what each of their points are.  Then I was able to reach out to our local high school to do all of my lamination for me.  The biggest time consumer of this game was cutting out all of the laminated pieces but thankfully I have awesome volunteers who helped me out big time.

The kids had a blast playing this.  We followed the rules and had a scrabble dictionary to go to if there was any challenges.  What I want to do to further this game is maybe make an actual board that goes along with this.  I would want a board that has Velcro so that the pieces don’t blow away.  My first thought is maybe the foam tiles that interlock with each other but I’m still thinking.  Also it was hard for the kids to hold their letters, try to make a word, and not show everyone else what letters they had.  I think making some kind of life size wood holder for next time will help solve this issue!  Next week will be Life Size Jenga, so stay tuned! 🙂

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