Summer Reading Kick Off Party

We had an awesome Summer Reading Kick Off Party yesterday!  This is a time for everyone to get signed up through our web portal application, Wandoo at the library.  They also get to partake in a Mario Kart tournament (5th-12th grade) and Library Scavenger Hunts (4th grade and below).  We had tons of pizza for them and lots of goodies to take home with them.

Thankfully I have a great Youth Advisory Council that helps me with everything!  I had YAC members come early without me even asking to help me set up!  They all wore their YAC shirts so that people knew that if they had any questions or needed help these would be the teens to ask.  My YAC members helped patrons sign up on Wandoo.  I had a training session for these guys before hand so that they could sign up and learn the ins and outs of Wandoo.  They were a huge help!!

Any teens that signed up for summer reading got a FREE summer reading bag, a GET in the GAME lanyard, and a free pin.  I have challenges on wandoo, one per week, that are FANDOM QUESTIONS.  Each week has a different question and if they get it right they get a special pin that corresponds with that question.  For example my first week’s question is, “Which marvel character says, ‘No more mutants!’?”  Teens put their answers onto Wandoo, staff checks the answer, and then they get an AWESOME marvel button that I made especially for that question.  This is why I purchased special lanyards so that they  can put all of their hard earned pins on it and show them off!

After everyone was signed up for Wandoo and ate we began our Mario Kart Tournament for teens.  I had everyone sign up as soon as they got in the door and then half an hour in I made up a bracket and the games began.  I had two great gift baskets that were donated for FREE to us by Dunkin’ Donuts.  They gave hot chocolate, cups, and accessories in these baskets.  I had a total of 26 teens participate in the tournament and an hour and a half in we named our CHAMPION!  It was a lot of fun!

I needed a lot of time before hand to set up and get the wii all hooked up.  So I would give yourself about an hour and a half to set up.  During the tournament I would change the settings so that it only does two races per round of your bracket because it takes a lot of time to move through the bracket if you are doing three or four games per round.  We ordered three sheet pizzas at first and ran out pretty fast.  We ordered a fourth but I think if we had ordered it a bit earlier the late arrivals would have been fed instead of people just getting seconds or thirds.  I would like to change it next year to be when anyone signs up they get a FREE book when they leave.  That way everyone has something to start reading and they get a prize.  We have tons of weeded and donated books that I think I could organize into reading level and hand out to kids and teens.  I would also love to start an adult summer reading program where every book they read they would enter a raffle ticket for a big prize at the end, possibly a barnes and noble gift card or something.  A huge help was having all of the WANDOO LINKS all put up on our library website the day before.  This made it super easy for people to sign up.  I had six laptops all set up for people to sign up right in the same room as the food so that they couldn’t miss it.

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