Teen Writer’s Club

I have been doing a Teen Writer’s Club twice a month for the past few months and it has been very successful! I have been running it by doing fun creative writing activities instead of focusing on each student writing their own stories or something similar.  I always bring CANDY and that always brings in the teens !

I found the best books to find fun creative writing activities.  Books by Bonnie Neubauer are AWESOME!  I pick one book for the hour program and the kids take turns picking random numbers so that we can quickly pick an activity for them to do.

I also love STORY CUBES.  I usually open up with this activity and it gets their creative brains flowing!storycubes

I love this program because the teens only think writing is for school work and this shows them that writing can be fun as well!  The stories that they come up with are amazing and most of the time hilarious!

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