Rockin’ Readers-Best Friends/Party Day

Today was our last Rockin’ Readers program for the school year.  It was a sad but fun day! We read three books, the kids got to play two games, they picked out prizes, and signed up for summer reading!

First we read, We Forgot Brock, by Carter Goodrich.  I love this book! It is so cute and the kids loved it!  The whole  group got so worried when Brock was left at the fair!  Then we played four corners and doggy doggy where is your bone games.  Then the group got back together and had cupcakes for snack, and we read the last two books.  First we read Herman’s Letter by: Tom Percival, this book is adorable because it has real letters in it that you can open and read.  The kids got a huge kick out of this!  Then we read the cute, How Do Dinosaurs Stay Friends, by: Jane Yolen.  This was adorable as well! These three books are some of my favorites.

The kids got to pick out prizes and sign up for summer reading, and then we all said see you during summer reading! It was a different kind of program than usually but we all had a great time! Rockin’ Readers won’t

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